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Akasha Sanskrit for Space

The Studio

20 Birch St. Roslindale, MA 02131

Cultivating Heart-Centered Courage. 

We are committed to inclusion, social justice, our Mother Earth and all the Mother Elements, love and vulnerability, expression, unfolding, respect for all life, and Karma Yoga. Using the tools of our practice to inform our actions in the world.

Akasha means SPACE in Sanskrit...the First element, and the container for the other four.  But space defies definition and thereby is not even a container.  It's a medium or consciousness for the vibration of creation to take form within and flow through.  Intimately connected with sound and expression, and the unfolding of patterns dancing this creation into being.  The expanding and contracting spirals that arise from and return to the same point of origin.  Akasha.

Located in the heart of Roslindale Village in a peaceful yet bustling nook, our studio is a short walk from MBTA buses Commuter Rail Station and only minutes from Centre St. in West Roxbury & Jamaica Plain.  


On Street parking is available, or go straight to the free Taft St. municipal lot only 2 minutes away.  


Akasha Studio offers complimentary blocks, bolsters, blankets, yoga straps, and lavender-scented eye pillows to support your practice.  Eco-Friendly yoga mats are available for rent and purchase.


The studio houses a changing room and complimentary mat storage for members.  We use earth friendly cleaning products and do our best to minimize our footprint on the environment.  


Please inform your teacher of any conditions that you may be working with or any other sensitivities, including hands-on assists.  We strive to create a space that will best enhance your practice to promote the inner transformation that yoga offers.

Roslindale Wellness Guide

Roslindale Village Main Street organized a brochure for visitors and locals a like outlining the fitness and wellness opportunities in our vibrant village! Check out the PDF below for a list and map of locations.

Roslindale Village Main Street

RVMS is a volunteer-driven community organization dedicated to the neighborhood of Roslindale in Boston, MA. They are Roslindale residents, business and property owners with a common stake in supporting a vibrant neighborhood business district.

Guide to Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

Based on In-Depth Reviews

A comprehensive guide to Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Yoga Mats

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