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All Levels Flow

What We Offer/ Who We Are

Akasha Studio aims to serve as a haven of wellness in the Roslindale and greater Boston communities as well as online. 

Akasha is founded on decades of experience and a variety of modalities so we can help you find a yoga, movement and meditation class that's just right for you.  And you can receive wellness treatments (including Reiki, moxibustion, cupping) as well as ministry services (including weddings, life transitions, and rites of passage ceremonies). 


Featuring Akasha Yoga School's yoga and continuing education teacher training programs, as well as Reiki trainings, retreats and events, let Akasha be your spiritual, yoga and wellness home in the community. 


Founded and directed since 2010 by Anthe Kelley (solo mother of three who had to close during the pandemic, and is now en route to becoming a Doctor of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine)


Akasha is overjoyed to be reopening in a new location.  Akasha means Space in Sanskrit so please join us in establishing Akasha as a safe, welcoming space that supports our wellness, builds community and embraces equality. 


Celebrating the diversity in our unity, and the unity in our diversity from the inside-out!

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