We bring a diversity of modalities to our collective teaching practice with the intention that our combined centuries of experience will extend something meaningful for you to engage with. Our life is our practice, and so we hold this container for each other to enter into to reconnect and reemerge wiser, stronger, clearer and more joyous.

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Anthe Kelley

Anthe Aliferis Kelley, founder, owner and director of Akasha Studio has been teaching yoga for 15 years, and established Akasha in 2010.  An ordained minister, founder of Akasha Yoga School, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and E-RYT 500, Anthe is also currently a doctoral candidate in Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine.  Anthe has studied ancient history, philosophy, language and systems of spirituality, medicine and Original Thought for over 30 years.  Her life has been devoted to wellness, healing, consciousness’ cultivation, community and family.  She finds it a gift and calling to get to support others in their wellness, healing and spiritual journeys.  Drawing from her broad background, training and years of devoted study, practice and service, Anthe is honored to welcome you into this community wellness space, and to help you discover the classes and treatments that best meet your needs.

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Kalee Burrows

Kalee Burrows (she/her/hers) is a queer yoga teacher, theatre artist, and writer.  She first discovered her yoga practice while in an acting class and has been practicing yoga for the past decade.  When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Kalee found stability in her yoga practice, leading her to the completion of a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Jenny Lane Yoga.  Today, Kalee is RYT 200 certified by Yoga Alliance and is trained in Reiki Level I.  She uses restorative and slow flow yoga to help folks to stay grounded and explore creative movement.  Officially recognized as a Certified Artist by the City of Boston, Kalee uses the creative arts as a vehicle for transformational self-love and self-expression.  Additionally, she holds a MA in Applied Theatre: Drama in Educational, Community and Social Contexts from Goldsmiths, University of London, as well as a BA in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies from Stonehill College.  Intertwining her artistic background with her yoga practice, Kalee works with young people, adults, and older generations across the globe, including Boston Conservatory at Berklee, The Hanover Theatre & Conservatory, Actors’ Shakespeare Project, Voices Boston, We are London, and Shanti Bhavan’s Children’s Project.  She continues to collaborate with artists and yogis, creating meaningful work through interdisciplinary arts and performance.  In her free time, she is found consuming massive amounts of coffee, biking around Boston, and playing with her cat Larry. www.kaleeburrows.com 


Jennifer Maniates

Jennifer is a certified yoga teacher (CYT-200) through Open Doors Power Yoga Studio and has been fortunate to continue her studies with a diverse group of teachers since completing her initial yoga teacher training.


She has been practicing yoga for over 2 decades and has been teaching since 2010, when she founded Branching Out Yoga. Jennifer strives to empower her students to engage in svadhyaya (self study): listen to their bodies, to know when to push and when to rest, and to cultivate a deeper mind/body connection. She offers mixed level classes that are a welcoming, accessible place for all bodies, abilities and levels of experience and reminds students that yoga is more


Laura Charles 

Laura's love of teaching yoga comes from her commitment to forever be a student. She took her first yoga class 18 years ago in search of a complement to her dance training. She was immediately awakened to yoga’s power to cultivate a deeper connection to herself in a way she hadn’t experienced with dance. The idea that movement and breath could be an inward exploration rather than solely an outward expression kept her coming back to the mat.


Anna Jacobs

Anna is from Riga, Latvia (Eastern Europe) and has practiced yoga for 13+ years. She moved to

Boston in 2012, and in 2019-2020 certified as a 200-h yoga teacher with our teacher training

program. Curious by nature, Anna continues learning more about what yoga is through her own

practice, as well as from various readings, podcasts, workshops, and from different health

specialists. In August 2021, she also completed a workshop “Yoga for Children.”

Besides yoga,

Anna loves biking, swimming, gardening, and cooking plant-based meals.


Instagram: care_full_yoga


Heather Forte Ruiz

Heather began her journey some years ago after trying yoga for the first time at a Bikram studio. She was experiencing physical and emotional pains which faded as soon as she made a commitment to her mat.  Heather received her certification through the Open Doors Teacher Training program.  Heather also holds certification in Prenatal, Postnatal, and Baby & Me Yoga, and continues to learn from master instructors in workshops and conferences.

Noting how her life had changed, Heather decided to surround herself with happiness, friends, and peace — to surround herself with yoga. Heather believes that yoga and Reiki work together as one, and generously shares her energy with all of her students, family, and friends. For a two and a half year span, Heather owned and operated a yoga studio, putting her teaching and management skills to full use and building a vibrant community of instructors and students. Heather is a proud friend, sister, aunt, wife, and the mother of two growing young men.

Heather A. Ruiz, RYT; Usui Reiki Master, Level I Shamballa Reiki; Co-Director of 2007 Yoga for Peace Boston; Member of 2008 Board of Directors for Global Mala Yoga for Peace Boston.


Lynne Cohen

Lynne was introduced to yoga in her teens and was immediately drawn to the beauty of

the practice and the physical and mental benefits it offers. Her lifelong passion for yoga

and her desire to share the benefits of regular practice inspired her to pursue her teacher

training through Stil Studio and Tryiana Studies. She received her 200 hour certificate in

Fluid (Vinyasa)Yoga and advanced certification in HEALing Yoga with Alicia Molloy.

Lynne’s attraction to HEALing Yoga can be attributed in part to her time as a volunteer

and member of the board of the nonprofit organization, Bodhi and Mind, Yoga for

Cancer Recovery, where she developed a heightened awareness of the ways in which

yoga can be life changing and serve as a powerful tool in the healing process.

Lynne’s love of adventure and innate curiosity about people and their stories has brought

her all over the world, allowing her to attend numerous yoga classes and retreats where

she acquired a deeper understanding and respect for a wide variety of yoga disciplines.

She enjoys traveling across the country in her camping van and exploring local yoga


A retired educator whose range of experience encompasses all ages, Lynne is grateful for

the opportunity to share the benefits and beauty of yoga with others. Her natural teaching

style brings compassion, humor and uplifting energy to her classes.