We bring a diversity of modalities to our collective teaching practice with the intention that our combined centuries of experience will extend something meaningful for you to engage with. Our life is our practice, and so we hold this container for each other to enter into to reconnect and reemerge wiser, stronger, clearer and more joyous.

Anthe Kelley

Owner, Lead Teacher Akasha Yoga School; Restorative with Sound Healing, Radiant Flow, Restore & Revive

Thrilled to be back as the owner of Akasha in Boston, Anthe is devoting herself to her work of teaching, offering teaching trainings, Reiki trainings, one-on-one sessions and Ministry work in her beloved, home community.

MA, Eastern Classics, ERYT, Reiki Master/Teacher and Ordained Minister



Jennifer Maniates

All Levels Flow, Partner Yoga, Yoga Outdoors

Jennifer is a certified yoga teacher (CYT-200) through Open Doors Power Yoga Studio, a Usui Reiki Level II practitioner, and the founder of Branching Out Yoga. She has been practicing yoga for almost 2 decades and has been teaching for over 6 years. Jennifer offers high energy vinyasa/flow classes, power yoga, hatha, beginners and chair yoga. Jennifer strives to empower her students to listen to their bodies and to cultivate a deeper mind/body connection. She encourages her students to approach their practice with a kind heart and sense of humor. Jennifer believes that fitness should not be a burden – it should be something you enjoy so that you will continue to do it! She is here to help you achieve your wellness goals and maybe share a laugh along the way.

In addition to teaching and practicing yoga, Jennifer stays active by running, hiking and kayaking. She recently began entering obstacle course races like the Tough Mudder and the Rugged Maniac, which challenge her and push her out of her comfort zone. She keeps a yogic approach to these activities, by staying in the moment and letting go of any “I can’t” narratives, and instead lets the journey guide her.

Stay connected with Jennifer:
Website: www.BranchingOutYoga.com
Instagram: JennMania
Google +: Jennifer Maniates
Linkedin: Jennifer Maniates
Twitter: @BranchingOutYga

Heather Forte Ruiz

Yin and Restorative Yoga

Heather began her journey some years ago after trying yoga for the first time at a Bikram studio. She was experiencing physical and emotional pains which faded as soon as she made a commitment to her mat.  Heather received her certification through the Open Doors Teacher Training program.  Heather also holds certification in Prenatal, Postnatal, and Baby & Me Yoga, and continues to learn from master instructors in workshops and conferences.

Noting how her life had changed, Heather decided to surround herself with happiness, friends, and peace — to surround herself with yoga. Heather believes that yoga and Reiki work together as one, and generously shares her energy with all of her students, family, and friends. For a two and a half year span, Heather owned and operated a yoga studio, putting her teaching and management skills to full use and building a vibrant community of instructors and students. Heather is a proud friend, sister, aunt, wife, and the mother of two growing young men.

Heather A. Ruiz, RYT; Usui Reiki Master, Level I Shamballa Reiki; Co-Director of 2007 Yoga for Peace Boston; Member of 2008 Board of Directors for Global Mala Yoga for Peace Boston.

Learn more about Heather at: www.heatheryogareiki.com

Rebecca Ramer

I was first introduced to yoga in a high school gym class, but it wasn’t until I took a semester off as a college junior that I began to develop a consistent yoga practice. I had been struggling with depression at school, and somehow I knew that the answer to my problem was in the body. I spent the next few months discovering the benefits of yoga at Laughing Lotus in NYC, and was soon able to step out of that dark place, and get through college.

Fast forward over a decade, and I’m a clinical social worker living in, and teaching yoga in Boston! My teachers and influences have been many, and my path has been winding. Only God knows how I got here, but I’m so glad I did! Teaching yoga is the only job I’ve ever truly enjoyed, and I like to believe that it shows.

My classes are intentionally simple, quiet, and slow, in sharp contrast to the society that we live in. I incorporate humor and gentleness into my teaching, encouraging students to leave their perfectionism at the door, and find the most beneficial alignment for their particular bodies in each particular moment. Currently, Restorative Yoga is my truest love, and I find that I bring the spirit of this practice into my more active classes as well. Multiple students have described my teaching as “mellow,” and I take that as the highest of compliments.

As popular as yoga has become, there is still, to me, something subversive about this practice. As we get to know ourselves, we inevitably develop more self-compassion, and self-compassion leads to compassion for others. This changes the way we move through the world, and in the end, changes the world itself.

Rachel Munyard

Yin and Restorative Yoga

Rachel is originally from Melbourne Australia is focused on helping students get back in their body, find safe and authentic alignment that builds strength & flexibility. Through mindful, uncomplicated sequencing this allows the body to open gently with ease & grace. By teaching a little slower, she believes it will give students the much needed time and space to connect with their breath and body.

Her eagerness to learn more about healing the body & mind started in 2002 when she developed anxiety & depression after burning the candle at both ends for far too long. A friend suggested she try a yoga class and she was immediately drawn to this ancient practice that offered her sense of inner freedom and peace. Rachel has a particular interest in helping people to slow down through restorative & yin yoga. “I find life can be so incredibly busy & finding time to slow down & be still is often when I feel most a peace & often receive deep inner wisdom & insight”.

Tee Trac

Yin Yoga

Tee Trac, RYT® 500, Yin yoga teacher certified, Reiki Level I certified, strives to create learning experiences that are transformative and deeply healing.  She is trained in therapeutic applications that includes functional anatomy and movement, breath work, body-centered trauma treatment, the Meridian system, the use of mindfulness and also exploration of spiritual practices .  Tee is forever a student, always working to deepen her understanding of yoga as a healing art and science. 

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Sonia Erlich

All Levels Flow & Mindful Movement

Born and raised in Boston, Sonia's commitment to the health and wellness of this city runs deep. Trained as a Psychotherapist, she works at DotHouse Health Center and Boston Medical Center. Sonia earned her M.A. in Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine and her M.F.A. in Creative Writing. She has trained in trauma-informed yoga through The Trauma Center at JRI and is a certified Yoga and 12-Step Recovery facilitator. She recently completed her 200 Yoga Teacher Training through Open Doors. As a mind-body practitioner and guide, she creates an opportunity for deep alignment and connection with the self, the community, and the environment.

Laura Kathrein

Yin Yoga, All Levels Flow, and Private Sessions

Laura Kathrein, RYT-200 desires to use yoga as a way to help people strengthen their health, their communities, and in turn the environment. Through all level Vinyasa, Yin, and Meditation, Laura empowers students to best serve their bodies and develop a deeper understanding of their unique body structure.

She began practicing yoga in 2007 as a complimentary exercise to her ballet training. Overtime her relationship with yoga evolved to be one of the most important aspects to her quality of life and the platform to merge her professional and artistic experiences.

In 2015 Laura completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga NH's Stacey Doll, Stacey Gibbons, and Maureen Miller. However, once Laura discovered the power and benefit of Yin Yoga, she participated in a 30-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training certificate program with Josh Summers. Laura is now currently enrolled in the 300-hour Summers School of Yin Yoga with Josh Summers and Terry Cockburn.

Off the mat, Laura is an environmental educator and artist, as well as an attuned Level I Shamanic Reiki Practitioner. Drawing inspiration from these professional experiences, she loves infusing earth-based wisdom into her classes to honor our natural world.

Shakti Marina Eskina

Yoga for Life, Yin Yoga, All Levels Yoga, Private Yoga and Massage

I did not come here to teach you, I came here to love you. Love will teach you.


I believe we have all chosen to be embodied (in-a-body) in this lifetime. Our bodies are our access to life and wisdom. Through various body-focused practices we can deeply connect to our full being-ness. Our light and our darkness, parts that work and parts that don’t and re-member they are all welcome here. 


I believe you are the territory and yoga is a map. The route you take is completely yours and what you experience/see is also completely yours. Yoga is not the right way to go, but a guide in your self-exploration. 


I have background in anatomy, somatics, yin, meditation,and am always learning from my body and others’. I am currently in-love with the vagus nerve, pelvic floor and autonomic nervous system. I am a licensed massage therapist in MA and NY. Along with teaching yoga, I practice somatic body-work, Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy and intuitive healing. 


You can find out more about Shakti at ThruBodyTherapy.com

Miranda Faris

Prenatal Yoga and Baby & Me Yoga

Miranda began practicing Hatha Yoga in 1996 and deepened her practice studying Anusara Yoga with John Friend in 2002. Shortly after the transformational experience of pregnancy and motherhood, her journey as a student of yoga also evolved when she began teaching in 2005.


Miranda’s teacher training is specific to Prenatal Yoga (from Fitness Resources Association) and her classes for pregnant women are safe and nurturing for any stage of pregnancy.

Her postpartum yoga classes focus on recovery from birth, but are also welcoming to fathers and non birth parents as well.

Her joyful spirit and supportive approach helps guide women to a deeper understanding of their own bodies through yoga as they, too, experience their own sacred journey into motherhood. She has received her Reiki II attunement, and is available to assist new mothers as a Post Partum Doula. She lives in Roslindale with her two greatest teachers of all – her life partner, Charles Faris, and their young son, Rowan.

Alix Zamansky

Flow, Restore, and Reflect, Candlelight Restorative

When I stepped onto the mat, I was looking for a way to relieve unrelenting pain. On my journey to physical healing, I found emotional healing. Yoga soon became a way of life, rather than simply a part of life. As a clinical social worker, I’m drawn to the ways in which yoga has the potential to increase the ease with which we move through the world. I believe that yoga can create inner and outer change one breath, one posture, one class at a time. I aim to create an atmosphere in which students feel comfortable being their authentic selves.

I have my 200-hour yoga certification from JP Centre Yoga and received my Children’s Yoga certification at Coolidge Corner Yoga. I have also received training in Yoga Therapy through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. I teach group classes, as well as offer private or small group therapeutic sessions for children, families, and adults. These sessions can address life changes, anxiety, depression, trauma or other topics as appropriate. Drawing on children’s innate desire to play, my kids and family classes promote child-caregiver connection and children’s self-regulation and social skills.


Alix completed her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification with Daniel Max and Magi Pierce through JP Centre Yoga and her Kids Yoga Teaching Certificate with Dawn Keighly of Coolidge Corner Yoga.  Off the mat you’ll find Alix in her garden or on the mountain.

Website: www.yogawithalix.com

Instagram: @yogawithalix

Brenda Hernandez

Restorative Yoga

Brenda began practicing yoga to find healing and community.  Her passion for the unity of mind, body and spirit that yoga brings led her to yoga teacher training at Akasha. 


She is a higher education diversity professional and a feminist activist. Her work influences her approach to yoga as a means of creating a safe space for explorations of identity and acceptance.


Brenda offers her yoga medicine in the form of gentle movement, restorative postures, and energetic hands-on assists.

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