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Miriam Katz

Jaguar Yoga, Developing Your Intuition, Emotional Alchemy Workshops, and Private Sessions

 Miriam J. Katz is a shamanic coach who uses intuition, healing tools and facilitated questioning to help her clients release emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual blocks to joy and fulfillment.  As an empath, she is deeply sensitive to others' energy, and has a strong connection with the spirit world. Miriam connects clients with their divine support teams and removes energetic obstructions that inhibit their freedom. 


Miriam is a master healer who is passionate about releasing the pain of her fellow humans.  She holds a space of profound respect for others' journeys.


Visit Miriam's website to explore further:

Adriana Robertson

Roll and Restore and Fundamentals

Adriana is a warm-hearted yoga enthusiast with a passion for inspiring others on their journey toward well-being and self-discovery.  She teaches an inclusive approach to yoga that emphasizes postural alignment, breath, and self-observation without judgment.

Adriana first fell in love with yoga in 2010 while living in Peru’s Sacred Valley and working with indigenous communities in the surrounding areas.  It was here that her practice transformed from being merely physical into what would become a continued journey of self-inquiry, mindfulness, healing, and transformation. 

Adriana completed the Kripalu 200-hour and in 2015 she completed her 300-hour training at Tranquil Space Vinyasa Studio.  In 2015 she also enjoyed a one-year residency program at Kripalu during which she trained and assisted a varied group of leaders within the field of yoga. 

In addition to yoga, Adriana has worked several years in the fields of public health, international and community development, and education. 

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Maire Clement

Private Voice Lessions

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Laura Charles

Private Yoga

Laura's love of teaching yoga comes from her commitment to forever be a student. Through the practice of yoga and meditation, we are all capable of a deep connection with our highest Self and the freedom to live as we truly are.

Rooted in the belief that time on our mats is practice for how we are in the world, Laura's classes cultivate curiosity, attention, openness, and creativity.  She uses a combination of asana, music, mantra, mudras, and pranayama to empower students with their own set of tools to access strength and calm within, as well as the ability to take their practice into their daily lives.  She enjoys working with students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Instagram: @lauracharlesyoga

Laura Kathrein

Private Yin Yoga

Laura Kathrein, RYT-200 desires to use yoga as a way to help people strengthen their health, their communities, and in turn the environment. Through all level Vinyasa, Yin, and Meditation, Laura empowers students to best serve their bodies and develop a deeper understanding of their unique body structure.

She began practicing yoga in 2007 as a complimentary exercise to her ballet training. Overtime her relationship with yoga evolved to be one of the most important aspects to her quality of life and the platform to merge her professional and artistic experiences.

In 2015 Laura completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga NH's Stacey Doll, Stacey Gibbons, and Maureen Miller. However, once Laura discovered the power and benefit of Yin Yoga, she participated in a 30-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training certificate program with Josh Summers. Laura is now currently enrolled in the 300-hour Summers School of Yin Yoga with Josh Summers and Terry Cockburn.

Off the mat, Laura is an environmental educator and artist, as well as an attuned Level I Shamanic Reiki Practitioner. Drawing inspiration from these professional experiences, she loves infusing earth-based wisdom into her classes to honor our natural world.

Guerda Victor

Does Guerda wan to Participate

Guerda (pronounced G-air-da) is a multifaceted health and wellness practitioner and coach. Her experience in wellness and alternative health practices extends over decade. She is passionate about empowering and inspiring students to develop deeper level of self awareness, to explore and tap into their own power, wisdom and healing potentials. Her teaching focuses on body awareness, and presence. Guerda’s classes are light hearted yet purposeful.


She holds a Masters in Mental Health and Counseling with a specialty in Trauma. She is also trained in various bodywork modalities such as Reiki, Craniosacral therapy and Somato-emotional Release. Guerda believes true healing comes when we become more embodied; issues of the mind and body are both addressed in an integrative way.


Learn more about Guerda’s work at

Leo Bray

Private Yoga

In my classes, I strive to assist people in listening to their bodies, and do my utmost to make each class an accessible and welcoming experience for everyone who attends.


Like many, I first came to yoga hoping to address chronic aches, pains, and stiffness.  I was blessed to have classes with the amazing Becky Thompson, at the Dorchester YMCA, as my first inspiration to deeper practice and the fuller range of yoga's gifts, including its capacity to help us heal and grow.

Through Becky, I met another wonderful friend, Karuna O'Donnell, who further inspired me and first exposed me to Akasha Studio.  Karuna and Becky have also both inspired me with their work helping trauma survivors heal through yoga.

After attending a week-long conference at Kripalu, at Becky's urging, my interest in teaching yoga had become a definite calling.  Karuna guided me to Akasha Yoga School, where I completed my 200-hour training and I am very excited to join the Akasha teacher community!

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