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Level 1 Friday January 12-Monday January 15, 2018!


Akasha Yoga School Trainings Schedule for 2018 are in the works.  Stay tuned!


Akasha Yoga School is founded on authenticity, inspiration, intelligence, sensitivity and sacredness. We inspire a holistic view of the practice and teaching of yoga.  We recognize the study of Yoga to engage the precepts of Mind, Body, Spirit and the union and communion among them.  From this base of interconnectedness and meaning our school celebrates and supports our teacher trainees’ growth in authenticity, empowerment, equilibrium, in forming community and in developing their skill-set as a teacher, student, and an awakened participant and leader in the greater whole.


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Anthe Kelley


Anthe Kelley

is enormously honored to devote her teaching to Akasha Yoga School, to the students drawn to this program, and to the path of yoga, teaching, spiritual practice and growing in authenticity. As the founder of Akasha Yoga School and Akasha Studio, Anthe has devoted her life work to creating outlets for people to explore the sanctity of their inner-being and to provide the space, openness and guidance to give permission to others to venture deep into this journey within and to quicken their awakened state of connectedness with the whole web of life.

Anthe is honored to welcome a powerful group of teachers to share in the 200-hour Akasha Yoga Teacher Training program, many of whom were inspirational teachers in her path of growing as a student, teacher, and human being. She values the diversity and fluidity of viewpoints and approaches, and cherishes the thread that connects them all. To Anthe yoga asana becomes a form of embodied movement which may be expressed through any number of means but ultimately it is one performed with devotion, awareness, fluid identity and connected sanctity.

Anthe views her role as Lead Teacher at Akasha Yoga School as one where she serves openly as a steward for others’ processes, inviting them to grow in the ways that are most empowering for them according to their individual natures; to provide everyone, alike, with a solid base and form for teaching a meaningful, intelligent, embodied vinyasa class with confidence and purpose; and to open many doorways of possibility to support the continuing exploration of self-study, potentiality and inspired learning and being.

Anthe has trained intensively in Power Yoga, Dream Yoga, Mangalam Yantra Yoga among other modalities. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and soon-to-be ordained Minister through the Center for Sacred Studies. She inherited the directorship of International Karma Yoga Day, an annual international event she continues to steward and honor. She is grateful to Demetri Velisarius, Russ Hazard, Lama Migmar, Jyoti, the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, Amaru Cosco, her partner, Barry Kilkelly, her children, Aenaon, Adara and Ailan and all her friends, teachers, allies, and mentors, seen and unseen.


Past Visiting Instructors:




Karuna O’Donnell

I see yoga and arts learning as my path to becoming an authentic human being with a precious gift to bring to my people.  Through a 20 year journey of embodied learning, I have witnessed the power of practice to uplift, heal and inspire responsibility. Searching for depth in my own healing and alignment in practice, I attended the Forrest Yoga Foundational Teacher Training in 2009 and have now completed both continuing education and advanced teacher training with Ana Forrest as well as two years of mentorship with Heidi Sormaz, Ph.D. and Forrest Yoga Guardian.
I am proud and honored to be a Certified Forrest Yoga teacher and assistant for the Forrest Yoga Foundation Training in New Haven, CT (2014).  With the guidance of my mentors, Ana Forrest, Heidi Sormaz and Nikki Meyers (Y12SR), I feel I have found my most authentic expression of self, thus far.  I am a deeply passionate teacher and student of Forrest Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga and the Yoga of Twelve Step Recovery.

I have had the priveledge of assisting the groundbreaking Yoga, Meditation and Addiction Recovery Conference, founded by Nikki Myers and Rolf Gates, at both Esalen and Kripalu.  I hold a BFA in Painting from the Massachusetts College of Art and a Masters Degree in Education from Harvard University.

I offer yoga and studio art as resources for healing psychological trauma in the greater Boston area.  In 2008, my intensity as an artist, activist and teacher converged as a founding member of Survivor Theatre Project, of which I am now acting as the touring company manager.  Facilitating personal acts of courage brightens my spirit tremendously.



Demitri Velisarius

Is a moving meditation teacher in the tradition of the Prana Flow Arts and travels with his life-partner Shiva Rea leading workshops and retreats at sacred sites all over the world.

Demetri has had the fortunate karma to have studied with many masters of yoga, Himalayan Tantra and Tibetan Dzogchen meditation. Motivated by 20+ years on the path of pilgrimages and meditation retreats to sacred sites all over the world, including a 100 day silent Tibetan yoga/meditation retreat in 2006, by his love and gratitude for his root teachers, students, sangha brothers and sisters and by the joy and fulfillment of dedicated dharma training, Demetri has dedicated his life to the study and practice of meditation and yoga and loves sharing his passion for the embodied dharma through empowering flow art forms such as PranaDandaYoga; a dynamic and multi disciplined style of yoga that he and Shiva created together that incorporates a 5 foot staff as a guide for alignment, movement, mudra and meditation.

His inspirational teachings are drawn from a full range of life experiences—from the authenticity of the streets to wisdom of mountain retreats.


Lama Migmar

Lama Migmar

has been serving Harvard-wide student, faculties, and staff as a Buddhist Chaplain since 1997. He received both a traditional and a contemporary education in India. He graduated with an Acharya degree in 1979 from Tibetan Institute of Sanskrit University, Varanasi, India, and with first position every nine years among four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. He was awarded a medal for academic excellence by His Holiness The Dalai Lama.He was also recognized as Khenpo for his scholarship and service to the Dharma by His Holiness Sakya Trizin. Lama Migmar served as the head of Sakya Center in Rajpur, India, and the Sakya Monastery in Puruwalla, India, from 1981 to 1989, taking care of the well being of several hundred monastic residents. During this time he reintroduced the original form of the geshe educational system of Tibet, with degrees from kazhipa up to the rabjampa degree, with a curriculum that included all of the eighteen major texts, which are known as the Dragchen Chogyed.

Additionally, Lama Migmar supervised the editing and publication of over 50 rare volumes of Sakya literature including the 31 volumes of Sakya Lamdre and the rare Golden Manuscripts of the Five Founding Masters of Sakya.

He founded Sakya Institute for Buddhist Studies in Cambridge, MA in 1990. He leads retreats at Buddhist centers throughout North America and Europe.



Alex Bauermeister

An ever-learning, ever-humbled self-awareness junkie who strives to make the experience of being alive a more joyful, safe and peaceful journey for all beings and our planet.  It amazes me that my life’s work is expressed through yoga, because I used to loathe and fear anything related to physical activity. Weighed down by shame and alienation from my authentic self, sports and even dancing used to feel like trying to run a marathon through mud while schlepping a sack of potatoes.  Fortunately, this is one of many transformations that I’ve had the privilege to experience in my life so far. And it’s a privilege to support my students in their own transformations of body, heart, mind and spirit.

My teaching style blends the fluidity of Vinyasa with the authenticity of Kripalu and the depth of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy to help my students connect to breath, body and self.  Through group yoga classes, I’m honored to support students as they find their strength, flexibility and balance on the mat — both physical and emotional.  Through yoga therapy, I work one-on-one to help clients find relief from stress, tension, trauma and limiting patterns, to ultimately create their own healing and happiness. Trauma sensitivity and an awareness of power and privilege is infused in all of my work.  I’m a queer white ally and strive to hold safe space for people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and for those who don’t necessarily have positive associations with yoga and/or therapy.


Kevan Gale

Kevan is co-owner of Stil Studio in Dedham, MA, teacher of Fluid Yoga and founder of EnLiving, a program to help those pursuing dynamic happiness in life and work. His own “dynamic happiness” owes much to his role as husband to wife Stacy and father to three wonderful children; his passion for swimming, cycling and yoga; and his development as a burgeoning photographer. Kevan’s teachings are marked by his ability to share advanced yoga philosophies in simple, modern terms that resonate with students of all abilities.


Ajay & Terry Gupta

Ajay learned yoga from Vishwayatan Yogashram in India in 1983 and has been exploring the depths of yoga since then. Throughout his life, Jay has endeavored to achieve a scientific understanding of yoga and nature cure practices. He has traveled from the Himalayas to Kerala (southern most part of India) learning a variety of yoga and nature cure practices. He shares some of the practices from the Himalayan masters in his DVD Subtle Yoga for Rejuvenation and donates all the proceeds for advancing the science of yoga. Jay is a student of Guruji Swami Swayamanand Giri in Haridwar, India. Additionally he received a yoga teacher certification, as well as advanced training in Chakra Shuddhi and Prana Vidya from the renown Bihar School of Yoga in Munger, India.

He has been teaching yoga for over 15 years and is registered with National Yoga Alliance.  He is on the faculty of several Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) programs, including an Advanced YTT program, that serves 15 yoga studios from the Greater Boston to Cape Cod areas.  He is a life member, past president and past secretary of the board of directors for the Vrindavana Preservation Society (VPS). Together with his wife Terry and VPS volunteers, he has coordinated a number of yoga retreats and events.


Veronica Wolff

Veronica has been studying yoga since 2001 and has been teaching since 2004 when she developed a vinyasa program while deployed to Kyrgyzstan with the United States Air Force. She completed the Yoga of Energy Flow Yoga Teacher training with Daniel Orlansky and Liz Owen in 2010, and is a Registered Yoga Alliance teacher. Strongly influenced by Iyengar, Kripalu, and Vinyasa styles, Veronica weaves together a class that allows students to deepen their experience of life while finding a comfortable container in which to challenge themselves. Veronica is a Kripalu certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist and allows nature and the seasons to dictate her class themes. She brings the lighter side of life to class, allowing a gentle humor to permeate her teachings. Veronica currently studies with Patricia Walden, Liz Owen, Anne Curits, and her mentor Annie Hoffman.


Aline Newton

Is an Advanced Certified Rolfer, in private practice for over 20 years. She served for many years as Chair of the Board of Directors of the International Rolf Institute. She has also been on the faculty of the Foundations Program of the Rolf Institute. She holds her BA from Johns Hopkins University and her MA in Education from the University of Toronto.  In addition to her Rolfing studies, Aline has studied cranio-sacral manipulation, visceral manipulation and energetic osteopathic techniques.  She also has many years of experience with body-oriented approaches to psychotherapy as well as meditation.

Since 1990 she has studied extensively with Hubert Godard, dancer, Rolfer and movement educator, and assisted him in many workshops.  Through a Rolfer’s eyes Aline integrates movement principles with structural manipulation, bringing the insights of yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates into her approach to Rolfing. She has written and published many articles on aspects of movement, biomechanics and psychodynamics.

In 2005, Aline developed the Physical Intelligence Program at MIT with the coach of MIT’s gymnastics team. Aline’s research and writing interests span the range from the effect of touch on the brain to the parallels between Buddhist thought and the perspective of Rolfing.  In her free time she studies music, in particular, the classical Hindustani vocal tradition and the klezmer accordion.


Mary Thomas

believes in the power of yoga to heal, transcend suffering, transform, and liberate the Self—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Mary says, “It brings me joy to share the gifts of yoga with those who may never encounter the practice or its benefits due to economic disparities, or otherwise. Yoga is for everyone!  I want to live yoga, through sharing yoga.” In addition, Mary is in attendance at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts studying Human Development and Early Childhood Education.

She loves traveling and has enjoyed Port Elizabeth, South Africa; Melbourne, Australia; Havana, Cuba; and Madrid, Spain; among others. She also finds delight in cooking vegetarian soul food, learning how to surf, running, learning Spanish. Reading is her favorite pastime.


Victoria Haffer

Victoria’s wellness journey started over 30 years ago as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Her desire to facilitate transformation with others combined with her search for optimal health inspired her to obtain a BS and MS in Exercise Physiology. Her years of working with thousands of clients and students and her continued desire to coach people in developing healthy lifestyle choices led her to the exploration of the mind-body connection.  Her unique perspective on how to create a balanced, passionate, more fulfilled life came from her pursuit of advanced studies in anatomy (200 hr Movement Therapist through Tom Meyers), meditation, quantum physics and holistic nutrition.
As an eRYT 500 hr yoga teacher Victoria can offer you experiences in Kripalu, Vinyasa, Yin and Kundalini yoga and meditation along with a variety of physical fitness techniques including PNF stretching, myofascial release, pilates, resistance training and more. Fusing her in depth knowledge of mind-body fitness, wisdom philosophy, and holistic nutrition, Victoria created the 30-day Body Matrix™ program and the Body Matrix™ Transformational 200 hr and 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training. Victoria is currently living her dream as a traveling yogini, wellness coach and anatomy expert, leading workshops and trainings locally and globally bringing Body Matrix wisdom to all.


Cecile Raynor

Is founder of Alexander Technique Associates, Cecile has been practicing for almost 20 years with students ranging in age from 7 to 77. Cécile was born and raised in Paris, France. A Sorbonne graduate, she came to the US to teach French. It was then that she was first introduced to the Alexander Technique. She received a Master’s Degree in French Literature and kept teaching while completing her PhD coursework. She moved to Brookline and opened a language school. While she found this work rewarding, she recognized her own need to be involved in a field in which both the mind and the body were engaged. Cécile went back to France to receive her training which included dance and voice work. She has experience working with children, parents and pregnant women, but the great majority of her practice consists of people with repetitive stress injuries such as neck, shoulder and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip, knee or ankle pain, tension headaches, and breathing and voice problems.  While in France for her 3-year professional training, Cécile also worked for Thich Nhat Hanh, Nobel Prize winner for Peace, by assisting with the translation of his book, The Sun, My Heart, into French. After years of meditation practice and Alexander teaching, Cécile continues to help people become mindful of the quality of their movements so they can experience effortless posture and fluid motion in their daily activities.


Mark Singleton

Mark has a Ph.D in Divinity from the University of Cambridge, and is currently Senior Long-Term Research Fellow at the American Institute of Indian Studies, based in Jodhpur, India.  He has written extensively on yoga, notably the books Yoga in the Modern World, Contemporary Perspectives (2008, the first ever collection of scholarship on modern yoga) and Yoga Body, the Origins of Modern Posture Practice (2010). Another collection, Gurus of Modern Yoga, appeared in 2013.  His forthcoming work, Roots of Yoga (Penguin Classics, with James Mallinson), is a collection of translations of yoga practice texts from the Sanskrit traditions.


Susan Lovett

As a yoga student, social worker and yoga teacher, Susan has witnessed the many beneficial and transformative effects of yoga. Learning that there were no yoga studios in some neighborhoods of Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan that have the most low-income families, the highest community and domestic violence rates and the highest rates of asthma, obesity and trauma in the state of Massachusetts was the catalyst for creating Hands to Heart Center – Yoga for the People:  a non-profit service connecting yoga teachers
with volunteer opportunities in low-income, under-served neighborhoods of Boston.


Barry Kilkelly

Barry has learned through the practices of yoga that life is momentary and in constant flux with each experience a chance to enrich the next. Barry brings this sense of awareness and focus to his classes with a light-hearted approach to encourage a space to grow in every practice. Barry is a proud father of three, manager/partner at Akasha Studio, registered yoga teacher, 500-Hour Yantra Yoga certified teacher, certified Tui Na Body Worker, and certified Therapeutic Qi Gong teacher.