Reiki Treatments, Trainings and Attunements are available at Akasha Studio. Reiki is a Japanese word representing Universal Life Force energy that is available to us all and can be channeled for purposes of healing, release, harmonizing and relaxation. You can schedule a one-on-one session for a personal treatment. You can schedule a distance treatment for yourself or another. Akasha Studio offers Reiki Attunements (level I, II or III) if you wish to pursue giving treatments to yourself and others. Please contact with any specific questions about Private Reiki Treatments or Reiki Attunement Trainings.



Yoga classes at Akasha come in a variety of forms and styles. Most are all-levels classes in that they can be tailored to meet the student’s present needs (through modification or enhancement). Classes are primarily asana-based (in terms of its being a physical practice), but even the most physically active class is designed to release the internal noise in the mind and to bring us into states of greater awareness, peace, compassion and balance. Breath and awareness practices are very much a part of this process even in the midst of performing physical postures. Yoga, as a broad body and path of knowledge and wisdom, is an ancient science and methodology designed to transform and modify consciousness through various methods (breath, mind, embodiment practices) to bring about a state of Unity-Consciousness. Private individualized sessions are available by appointment below. For specific questions on yoga classes and private yoga sessions please contact



Tui Na Bodywork combines massage, acupressure, traction, and other techniques to harmonize body and mind.  Tui Na is practiced over the clothes and is often referred to as “acupuncture without needles” offering a safe and stress-free therapy to get back into the flow of life in your body. Tui Na massage has been practiced for thousands of years in China as a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine for maintaining wellness by clearing and balancing the meridian pathways. Appointments currently in JP location only. For specific questions on Tui Na Bodywork sessions please contact