Why the Name AKASHA?

Akasha is the Sanskrit word that represents the Fifth Element, that which contains all others: Space.   Akasha is intimately connected to our sense of Listening, our ability to Hear the Wisdom flowing through us, and to Communicate that into the World around us.  Akasha seeks to inspire, to enliven, and to share one’s voice and move into the world with that aliveness, that true Enthusiasm. (as its Greek root implies, ‘infused with God’).

Yoga Asana refers to a physical posture practice of Yoga Poses.  Yoga in Sanskrit means (loosely) Union, which ultimately is being in a state of Unified Consciousness (Body, Mind, Spirit, Cosmic Consciousness, Absolute Relatedness-Oneness- Bliss of Unity)

Akasha Credo:
At Akasha Studio we seek the interconnecting thread between all Timeless Teachings.  We embrace the realms of Timeless Wisdom in our practices and use such to strengthen us as individuals, families, communities, and nationally- and globally-connected networks.

We practice making alliances with local people who are powerfully and courageously sharing their gifts with the world.

We acknowledge that our present Age needs to be reminded of the Heart and Wisdom within Original Teachings.

We recognize yoga and spiritual practice as the cultivation of our awareness, our inner-listening, our process of learning to be honest, generous, and compassionate with ourselves and then extending that outward.  We honor the blossoming of courage which allows us to transform that which is wounded or feels lost, to listen to, and act from the heart.   We recognize and honor that this journey and practice is a process of healing and re-balancing, one that welcomes us to move into wholeness and true humanity and away from patterns of oppression, disconnectedness and self-destruction.

We view each human being from the perspective that each contains inherent wisdom, love and and knowing, which ought to be respected and fostered as the starting point of Life (and Asana Practice).  So we, like seeds, are growing from the inside out so that, like the seed, we can manifest our full, inherent potential in our blossoming and expression.  We are here to live our Light, Voice, and Love into the world, and to grow strong and balanced again through so doing.

We believe no loss is irreversible and no suffering is without the capacity to transform.  And we seek to heal and re-balance ourselves, our families, our communities and our world through pursuing the Wisdom and Unity of Cosmic Consciousness and Practices that connect us with our Spirit, Joy and True Enthusiasm.

May our words serve as prayers echoing through All Realms.  And may our Actions be the Power that transform and re-balance our world and all our Sacred Relations…

…And ALL our relations are Sacred!

In Unity of Cosmic Consciousness and the Golden Flow,

The Akasha Founders