Anthe views Yoga as a practice of coming back into sacred relationship with the world, nature, the elements, ourselves. It is about Communion as much as Union. Anthe brings this sense of honor, respect, solidarity, and sacredness into her classes, her personal practice and relations.

Anthe has trained intensively in Power Yoga, Dream Yoga, Mangalam Yantra Yoga among other modalities. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and ordained Minister through the Center for Sacred Studies. She is the founder of Akasha Studio, and owner and director of Akasha Studio Jamaica Plain.

You can reach Anthe at anthe@akashastudiojp.com, or check out her new website:  www.blossoming heartministry.com



Dion Dragas comes with a rich background teaching Capoeira for over 15 years in schools, community centers, festivals, and, universities around the world.

Dion’s classes encourage us to move in ways that liberate, connect, and resonate with a playful expression uncovering richer joy and balance in life.  He feels fortunate to be in the position of accommodating a playground where ‘magic’ happens.

‘It is so beautiful and wonderful to experience people sharing their uniqueness and inner wisdom, what a gift life is!’

Contact Dion directly via email at:





I am Sam. Or Sam I am. Whatever suits your fancy. I’m here to help you. Whether in the design studio as a fashion designer or the yoga studio as a teacher, I work with the body to either dress it, flex it or relax it.

But really my work is to uplift your mind and spirit. Through mindful classes developed to physically challenge the body and the mind’s openness, students are encouraged to access stillness and control from which they can gain confidence and restored energy. Using massage, soothing aromatherapy, and eclectic music I aim to create a dynamic and calm environment in which you can enjoy and explore your own unique practice. See you in the studio!



Sarah is a clinical social worker and registered Yoga Teacher.

Sarah has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and sees yoga as a complementary medicine in healing mind, body, and spirit.  It is in this spirit, that she will offer up her medicine in the form of teen yoga, restorative yoga, and private yoga therapy work.

Reach out to Sarah directly via email at: sarahmhendersonlicsw@gmail.com



Alex’s unique style is inspired by Kripalu and Vinyasa yoga as well as Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. Her classes interweave yoga philosophy with movement and invite our practice on the mat to be a practice for life off the mat to build resilience, self-awareness and contentment. In addition to teaching group yoga classes, Alex specializes in working one-on-one with clients through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions. Learn more about Alex’s work, training and experience at www.intrayogatherapy.com.





Barry has learned through the practices of yoga that life is momentary and in constant flux with each experience a chance to enrich the next.  He brings this sense of awareness and focus to his classes with a light-hearted approach to encourage a space to grow in every practice.

Barry is owner of Akasha Studio Roslindale, ERYT200, 500-Hour Yantra Yoga certified teacher, certified Tui Na Body Worker, and certified Therapeutic Qi Gong teacher.  Contact Barry at barry@akashastudiojp.com



I came to yoga because of chronic back pain. Fixing my back was just the first step towards bringing my whole self into greater balance and freedom. My classes focus on using thoughtful sequencing, attention to alignment and breathwork as a map to exploring the wilderness of the self. In my classes I encourage you to find your edge and trust your intuition, while keeping a sense of lightheartedness and curiousity.

Having completed teacher trainings with Ana Forrest and South Boston’s own David Vendetti, my classes focus both on extended postural holds and fluid vinyasa flow. And abs. I’ll teach you to love abs!



Jenn believes yoga is for everyone and strives to make her classes approachable, creative, and safe for her students to explore and play while encouraging the cultivation of a deeper awareness of the mind-body connection.  Learn more about Jen at www.branchingoutyoga.com




Mary Thomas teaches Power Yoga regularly in the Boston and Cambridge communities and is excited to be a part of the Akasha Kula (community)–having been a former student of its Founder and Director, Anthe Kelley. Committed to community and a firm believer in Karma Yoga, Mary currently volunteers as a yoga instructor for PREP-a First Episode, Early Psychosis Program for emergent adults in Boston.

It is teaching in these programs that keeps her balanced and focused on being an agent of change for the community at large. She believes yoga begins on the mat but truly ends out in the world.  She is committed to living yoga!”

Om Shanti!! To interact more with Mary visit her website at




Meredith, originally from North Carolina, moved to Boston in search of something new. An artist at heart, she worked her way into the Boston art scene. She found yoga during a time of illness and used it as a bridge to a healthier life. Meredith credits her mindfulness and spirituality to her early yoga teachers, and aims to provide a similar experience for her students.

Meredith’s passion for the yogic lifestyle is obvious throughout her teaching. Her classes are intense, while also playful as she uses her fun, quirky personality to bring a lightheartedness to a great physical practice.



Heather began her journey some years ago after trying yoga for the first time at a Bikram studio. She was experiencing physical and emotional pains which faded as soon as she made a commitment to her mat. Heather received her certification through the Open Doors Teacher Training program. Heather also holds certification in Prenatal, Postnatal, and Baby & Me Yoga, and continues to learn from master instructors in workshops and conferences.

Noting how her life had changed, Heather decided to surround herself with happiness, friends, and peace — to surround herself with yoga. Heather believes that yoga and Reiki work together as one, and generously shares her energy with all of her students, family, and friends. For a two and a half year span, Heather owned and operated a yoga studio, putting her teaching and management skills to full use and building a vibrant community of instructors and students. Heather is a proud friend, sister, aunt, wife, and the mother of two growing young men.

Heather A. Ruiz, RYT; Usui Reiki Master, Level I Shamballa Reiki; Co-Director of 2007 Yoga for Peace Boston; Member of 2008 Board of Directors for Global Mala Yoga for Peace Boston.  Learn more about Heather at:




Sonia first discovered yoga in 1999 as a way to alleviate the chronic back pain that was brought about from a lifetime of scoliosis. The therapeutic effects of yoga, and the overall balance that it brought about in her body, amazed Sonia, and from then on she was inspired to deeply pursue and evolve her yoga practice.

Through teaching yoga, Sonia hopes to spread happiness and the desire for all to “live a beautiful life” – an ideal that she learned from her father, who always chose a path of joy and love for his own life.  See more about Sonia at www.soniabyoga.com



Laura Kathrein, 200-RYT, desires to use yoga as a way to help people strengthen their beings, communities, and in turn the environment. Through all level Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative classes, Laura hopes to empower students to best serve their bodies. She began practicing yoga in 2007 as a complimentary exercise to her ballet training. Overtime her

relationship with yoga has evolved to be one of the most important aspects to her quality of life and the platform to merge her professional and artistic experiences. In 2015 Laura completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga NH’s Stacey Doll, Stacey Gibbons, and Maureen Miller. After discovering the power and benefit of Yin Yoga, Laura participated in a 30-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training certificate program with Josh Summers. Off the mat, Laura is an environmental educator and artist, as well as an attuned Level I Shamanic Reiki Practitioner. Drawing inspiration from these professional experiences, she loves infusing earth-based wisdom into her classes to honor our natural world.




I see the practice of yoga as a way to become empowered in maintaining their own health and well-being.  I am grateful to how the practice has opened me to my inner wisdom; I am able to recognize and honor what my body needs on a daily basis.  In wanting to share yoga’s powerful tools with others

I became a yoga teacher through South Boston Yoga’s 500 Hour program.  Under the guidance of David Vendetti and Todd Skogland, I learned how to teach yoga with a focus on alignment, anatomy, and myofascial release.

My classes are fun, challenging, calming, and centering.  In addition to teaching yoga, I am a certified Crossinology Brain Integration Practitioner, HMI Healing Guide, and Reiki Practitioner.

Contact Liz at yogalizelia@gmail.com



Pradhuman grew up in a small village in Jharkhand, India where he studied healing, the traditional martial art of Kalaripayattu, and Indian wrestling with his grandfather. As an adult he furthered his studies of Kalaripayattu and its yogic practices with Guru Gopinathan of Trivandrum, Guru Subrathan of Trissur and Guru Shahji in Chennai. This combination of extensive classical training from both his family lineage and his gurus, along with real world knowledge of the power of yoga for everyday life in athletics and recovery give Pradhuman’s classes a rare depth.

Pradhuman has taught workshops at Brown University, Barnard College, Tufts University, Ailey Camp Boston, Cambridge Ringe and Latin School, Cambridge Recreation, the Triveni School of Dance.



Charles (that’s me) began practicing Asana in 1998 under the tutelage of Callie Littlefield.  I taught my first classes in 2003 at the behest of Nancy Wilson.  My primary teachers have been John Friend, Todd Norian, and Marc St Pierre.  I has also logged in many hours studying with the usual gang of idiots ;).My interest in the mystery of being has led me in many directions, a few of which may be of use or interest to you: I am a licensed massage therapist, thai yoga body worker, reiki “master”, and a holistic health coach.  Please feel free to chat with me about absolutely anything.




Randi began practicing Hatha Yoga in 1996 and deepened her practice studying Anusara Yoga with John Friend in 2002. Shortly after the transformational experience of pregnancy and motherhood, her journey as a student of yoga also evolved when she began teaching in 2005. Randi’s teacher training is specific to Prenatal Yoga (from Fitness Resources Association) and her classes for pregnant women are safe and nurturing for any stage of pregnancy.

Her postpartum yoga classes focus on recovery from birth, but are also welcoming to fathers and non birth parents as well. Her joyful spirit and supportive approach helps guide women to a deeper understanding of their own bodies through yoga as they, too, experience their own sacred journey into motherhood.  She has received her Reiki II attunement, and is available to assist new mothers as a Post Partum Doula.  She lives in Roslindale with her two greatest teachers of all – her life partner, Charles Faris, and their young son Rowan.




Guerda’s experience in the health and wellness field extends over a decade.  She has always been fascinated by the anatomy of the body and how it moves and functions.  This fascination with the body led her to obtain a B.S in Exercise Science as well becoming a licensed massage therapist, specializing in various modalities such as Reiki and Craniosacral therapy.

Through her work as a bodyworker, Guerda became aware of the intricate connections between the mind and the body and that the two are parts of the whole not separate entities.  She also experienced the affects of this distorted and disconnected perception of the mind and body had in her personal life, thus began to explore other modalities to heal such as yoga and meditation.

Guerda’s teaching focuses on body awareness, proper alignment and connecting breath with movement.  Her classes are light hearted yet purposeful.  She aspires to guide her students to deeper level of self awareness to explore and tap into their own power, wisdom and healing potentials.  She is currently completing her Masters in Mental Health and Counseling.  Guerda believes true healing comes when the individual is treated as a whole and issues of the mind and body are both addressed in an integrative way.

K Hein-2



I began a profound spiritual journey in 2008 that completely transformed my life and led me to a new job, a move to Boston and my husband, Matt. In 2013, I started regularly attending yoga classes and first began to understand the connection between the physical asana practice and my ongoing spiritual journey. Through asana practice, I’ve seen greater strength in my body, more mindfulness in my life and even deeper spiritual understanding.

As a teacher, I hope to share my practice to help others find greater ease in their bodies, and a more mindful and meaningful path. I never take myself too seriously, and bring humor and compassion to create a space where everyone will feel welcome and comfortable.

I enjoy teaching a light-hearted, energetic and mindful class that is both uplifting and restorative. In addition to yoga, I enjoy music, Michigan State sports (Go Spartans!), traveling and spending time with friends, my husband, 2 dogs and cat.





Sara’s teaching is instructed by the honesty of the human body. After dancing ballet and modern at the professional level for a decade, she naturally gravitated toward yoga, and unexpectedly reconnected with her breath, movement, and body in a whole new way.

The practice of yoga gives Sara clarity of mind, self-peace, and joy – her mission is to create a practice where this is accessible to you.

She encourages working with the self to find effortlessness in yoga and daily movement, giving a nod to Alexander Technique. You are invited to use your own body as your teacher, to find what you need, and a way to dance through life!

Sara is a proud graduate of the first class of Akasha Yoga School, Class of 2015, and expresses gratitude to her teachers, including Anthe Kelley, and her mentors Alex Bauermeister and Cecile Raynor.




I am deeply dedicated to channeling love and healing for the earth and all her people – and helping people connect to the innate wisdom we all carry, and hear the calls of our most authentic life journeys.

I am honored to work as a psychotherapist in Roxbury, specializing in helping people of all ages find healing from trauma. I also lead a mindfulness based stress reduction program, and work with various kinds of arts as media of exploration and transformation. I am committed to building community and working for empowerment of all beings, from smaller to very large scale ways. I am a grateful graduate from Akasha’s first class of yoga teacher training and am attuned to the Reiki “master” level.

In addition to yoga for adults, I enjoy offering kids programming at Akasha. I regularly work with children and teens to develop strong sense of self, awareness of comfort, safety, and limits, recognition of strengths, healthy relationships, emotional regulation, and imagination and optimism. In addition to “neurotypical” kids, I have a strong level of comfort working with kids with ADHD, autism spectrum presentations, and trauma.

I hope for the chance to know and practice with you!